Monday, June 13, 2011

Malawi musical instrument - Guitar

Musical instrument, Guitar, made from empty tin can picked up
in the trash, wood and motor bike break strings.

Musical instrument, Guitar, made from empty plastic jar
from the trash, wood and motor bike break strings.

Joint effort by two kids from Nsalu village, Malawi to
their home made musical instrument Guitar.

One of the orphans of Malawi holding and playing with
his home made Guitar .

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MPP council Members Marshfield High School

MPP council members FBMS

FBMS leaders and members of (FBMS) MPP 2011

2011 MPP Education Seminar

Click to view picture slide

2011 Education Seminar (Furnace Brooks Middle School)

Pangaea project 2011 celebrated the work, leadership and

achievements of Furnace Brooks Middle school students for making

a difference in the in the lives of improvised orphans of the

HIV/AIDS crisis of Malawi.

Isa Ebowe, President Canterio International USA

Friday, April 29, 2011

C'mon Guys!

Hay guys,

I just wanted to send a quick message out to everyone that I want the club to keep using the blog, it's easier than Facebook and everyone has access to it unlike Facebook.


Aaron Skulsky, WebMaster

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Malawi Council Leadership

Hey Malawi Council Leadership - Presidents, VP etc. 

I would like to meet with you this coming Friday (August 20, 2010)  I need to discuss some important things that have come up. BLOG back and let me know or email me @


Mista Meehan

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Next Year's Webmasters

After this year's wonderful, genius, phenomanol webmaters, Daniel Barbati and Aaron Skulsky, leave the school, Jonathan Stern and Christina Vosnak will take their amazing positions.

- Christina Vosnak and Jonathan Stern, 

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I got a lot of bracelet supplies for Monday... I don't really think anyone has to buy more. There is definitely enough for everyone to make some bracelets.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


There will be a meeting tomorrow. Mr. Meehan has an idea so it will be very important to have everyone who can come to come.

-Ian Crittenden

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today's Recrutation Presentation

I just want to say, great job to the core group, I think that we definitely got our main ideas accross and we are sure to have people come back next week. All of the 6th and 7th graders that came today, thank you, we appreciate it. You guys are going to really do well with this group. I think I speak for everyone currently on the council when I say we cant wait for you to join.

Thanks for caring and making the first step

Friday, April 23, 2010

more congrats

Just a note to thank Matt Meehan, the Malawi Council and everyone who was involved in putting on such a tremendous presentation.  It is the special moments, such as last Thursday's visit, that will remain with the students long after they have left FBMS.  The entire event was classy and represents everything that is so special about FBMS
A community member approached me after the presentation and asked, rhetorically, "So are you proud of your school, or what?"  "Proud" is an understatement.  Thanks again for your important efforts!
Patrick Sullivan
Assistant Principal
Furnace Brook Middle School

Thursday, April 22, 2010

To the Malawi Pangaea Project Council

I want to take this opportunity to commend you on a flawless assembly. Your diligence and commitment are obvious in every part of this project. You are the model for all our other schools, leading the way as a shining example.

I also want to extend the admiration of Secretary Kambalame. She was thoroughly impressed with the Furnace Brook Middle School. Because of you, the Malawian Embassy will be a valuable partner to Canterio International in the future.

I look forward to our upcoming meetings and our journey to Africa in June, as we continue together to positively impact the lives of the orphans of HIV/Aids in Malawi.

With Warmest Regards,

Isa Ebowe, President
Canterio International

Friday, April 16, 2010

Malawi honors efforts of Marshfield students

Malawi honors efforts of Marshfield students

More congrats

Wow! What a wonderful presentation. The program was so well organized and flowed so well. I was especially impressed with the involvement of the students. Thank you for helping to open the minds and the consciousness of the students.

Ellen Joyal

I want to congratulate you and your student Malawi Council on a fantastic assembly today. We were all very touched by the speeches, music and inspirational words spoken. You all deserve alot of credit for your efforts to help the children of Malawi. Let us know how we can help also. Thanks again for making this connection with FBMS and Malawi. Carolyn Cunningham

Hey Matt
Just wanted to say congrats on this. It looks really great, and I know the students involved are pretty passionate about this! I just saw 2 eighth graders in sport coats and ties. Pretty amazing!
Mr. Brenner

Thank you!

Malawi Council,

What a wonderful thing you are doing. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with today’s presentation. You were extremely professional up on that stage—your speeches, Ian and Laura were perfectly presented. Laura, you moved people to tears (adults anyway) with your commitment to teach and help others in your future. Megan and Marissa, you presented your powerpoint presentation flawlessly with so much confidence! Everyone who put that powerpoint together did a wonderful job. To the musicians, wow! Your voices and your piano playing were such a beautiful tribute to Malawi. I certainly can tell that you all have put so much work and also your hearts into everything you have done to not only get this project off the ground but now carry this forward to a new generation of students. Nice work! I am so proud of you and I certainly hope that other members of our community will see this presentation and read the articles in the paper that will be written about this awesome group of students helping to connect two continents. Marshfield will be proud of you as well. You have really been wonderful ambassadors of Malawi, Marshfield, the United States of American and Furnace Brook Middle School. I am confident you will be wonderful leaders in the future! Bravo!!


Marie Kurmin


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today's Presentation

I know Aaron just did I post on this, but I would like to further aknowledge Ian, Laura, Meghan, Megan, Marrisa, Bryan, the third Meghan, Rachael and Victoria for your outstanding presentations today. Also, thank you to all the other council members who made this possible. We could never do this without you!!!

We are very honored and lucky to have had Madame Secretary Jane Kambalame at our school, and thank you Mr. Ebowe for this oppurtunity!

On another note, after vacation I would very much like to get to work on our new Day in the Life video, so if you have not already signed up and want to, contact me soon!

Great Job Guys!!!!

Danny Barbati,
Techinical Producer and Film Producer


I would like to thank everyone that was involved in the presentation this morning of April 15. I would like to thank Mrs. Jane Kambalame for a very inspirational speech that took the words away from many. I would like to thank Isa Ebowe as well for brining this wonderful project to Furnace Brook Middle School. I would also like to thank Ian Crittenden and Laura Cowie-Haskel for their wonderful work in leading us to this day. Once again thanks to all who participated today.

Best Regards

Aaron Skulsky, Technical Producer

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dress Code for Next Thursday

There has been confusion (especially with the girls) as to what the dress code is for the ambassador's visit to the school. With help from a giant book on formal stuff and my mom, here it is:

  • nice pants (slacks, church pants)
  • collared shirt
  • dress shoes (no sneakers)
  • jacket or blazer
  • ties are good


  • dress (something buisiness-like, not really flowy or really short)


  • skirt (see dress guidlines)
  • nice shirt (or top or whatever you call it)
  • decent shoes (no flip flops or sneakers)
  • women's suit jacket? (you have to figure this one out, I am no expert)

AND make sure it is within school guidlines

Malawi Pangaea Project Blog 2010

Furncae Brook Community -

Isa has created a new blog to fit the needs of the Entire Malawi Pangea Project Community. This new Blog will have the capacity of 2500-5000 authors oppossed to this site. This site will still be in use for Furnace Brook. The new Blogs URL is and to register for the blog

Best Regards

Aaron Skulsky, MPP Technical Producer
and Megan Masterson, MPP Events Cordinator

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Malawi Sports Drive

Tomorrow Katie Lu and I will be making an announcement about a sports drive we will be conducting. I am posting schedule for making the announcements, which will be in the morning during homeroom, now. For some reason you will not be able to do the announcements please facebook me or text me. The council will make daily announcements in Mr. Makien's office.

Here's the schedule,

Wednesday: Ian Crittenden and Katie Lu Clougherty

Thursday: Aaron Skulsky and Jill Damaris

Friday: Meghan Kennally and Lukas McMahon

Monday: Dan Arthur and Kate Spitler

Tuesday: Laura Cowie-Haskell and Marissa Nader

Wednesday: Megan Masterson and Annie Porter

Thursday: Steph Scalia and Lindsey O'Connell

The schedule will repeat itself once its gone through. Meaning the Katie Lu and I will go on Friday of next. Again, if there is any questions, comments, or concern please let me and I will fix the schedule accordingly.

Thank you.

Ian Crittenden
MPP President

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Malawi Pangea Project 2010

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tomorrow's Presentation

Tomorrow you guys are telling the homerooms about the Malawi Pangea Project sports equipment drive. Here are a few tips on a good presentation. First, keep it quick because of the limited time. You don't have to read everything on the list just tell the major parts. Second, project your voice so everyone in the room can here you. Third, relax they aren't scary as far as I know. Finally, be in your assigned cluster as soon as possible don't chat with your friends ok, but make sure to check in with your homeroom teachers first. By the way Laura, Marissa Nader is going to be with because Steph Scalia is doing yellow with Jill. Good Luck!

Ian Crittenden

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Traditions Ian's Verison

Dear Malawian Student,

Hi it's Ian from the Malawi Pangea Council; I would like to talk to you about my holiday festivities. When December comes around my family gets a pine tree and decorates it with lights and ornaments like a pictures of my family, snowmen, and miniature boats (my grandfather is a fisherman and he likes boats). Then around the house my family puts up lights, festive center pieces on our table, and fake candles in the windows. On Christmas Eve my entire family gets together to celebrate with food, holiday music, and togetherness. On Christmas morning, my family gives gifts to each other and relax. After Christmas, we celebrate the passing of a new year on December 31st and January 1st which we call New Year's. My family stays up to see the ball of lights in New York City drop in the final minute of the year and count down from ten to zero. Everyone is very happy because a new year is a fresh start.

I hope you have a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Ian President of the Malawi Pangea Council

Holiday Traditions

In my house, Christmas day celebration lasts from sunrise to sunset. My family gets up at about 6:00 am, and rushes downstairs for the festivities. We give gifts to each other and then have a pancake breakfast. After that, we get ready to go see our cousins in Connetecut. We put together a change of clothes, toiletries, etc. and hop into the car. We usually leave around noon and get there at 2:30. when we get thier, we are greeted by our cousin's dogs and family. We talk a lot because we only see our cousins twice a year. Then, while my aunt and uncle prepare dinner, I do stuff with my cousins like play games and talk about school. We have a big christmas dinner and then just laugh until we go to sleep. The holidays in my family are very fun.

Cluster Annoucements for Friday

On Friday as many of you know the council is going around to each cluster to tell the homerooms about the upcoming sports drive for the Malawi Pangea Council. Here is the list for who will be doing the anncoucements for each clusters:

Red Cluster: Meghan K.

Yellow Cluster: Aaron S.* and Jill D.

Crimson Cluster: Danny B.

Green Cluster: Ian C. and Kate S.

Purple: Lukas M. and Jacob S.

Blue: Lindsey O. and Annie P.

Pink: Katie Lu C.

Gold: Laura C. and Steph S.

Orange: Dan A. and Mike D.**

*If may not be in school do to a holiday

**Moved to help Dan with what to do since he wasn't here

Setting Up a Account

To Create a G-mail for blogging:

1. Go to

2. Top rigt hand corner - Click Register

3. Create E-mail (its just like Yahoo, AOL, and MSN)

4. E-mail

5. Say who you are and ask blog admittance

6. Try to post in blog or wait for acceptence

7. Type your letter and post

Donate Soccor Balls to the Pangea Project

Please Help the Orphans in Malawi, Africa

Donate a new or slightly used soccer ball to an orphan in Malawi. If you don’t have the time to buy a soccer ball or don’t have a used one, we will also take cash donations to either buy multiple soccer balls or have the money pay towards the shipping to Africa.

These children in Malawi cannot afford many of the things we call essential, let alone a soccer ball, but they love to play soccer just like us. They have lost their parents to AIDS and don’t have much. We know that if we can give them something as simple as a soccer ball, it will make life a little more fun.

For more information on the group go to:

Monday, November 30, 2009

Future Meetings

Lukas made an important poitn that we need some type of schedule for the meetings. Due to other activities. I think Monday is a perfect day for meeting. Please give me feed back on this schedule.

Ian Crittenden, President

Conduct during Meetings

I would like to address a growing problem during meetings, talking. First of all, when Mr. Meehan, myself, Laura, Dan, Aaron, Danny, Meghan or anyone is talking about or to the council please be respectful. Don't have private conversations or text. If you need to contact your parents about pick up please do it before the meeting is started. Private coversations are not tolerated and you will be asked to leave if you do not stop after being asked. If you have a question, comment, or concern please raise your hand and you will be able to speak.

Thank You!

Ian Crittenden, President

a meeting "schedule"

Okay, for the past couple of meetings i have been informed on the day of that meeting. so, I have missed the last couple of meetings. I think we should set something up, like meetings will always be on a monday, or every other week on monday. that way people like me won't end up missing a ton of stuff because of other activities. this could help get our attendance up and we could have more people help out with fundraisers, drives, and connections to the kids in Malawi.

Monday, November 23, 2009

First Meeting

Today we had the first meeting of the '09-'10 Malawi Pangaea Council! We maid a a list of of four topics that we will focus on throughout this year. First and most important, connection then what we need to collect, and finally fundraising. Here are the lists:

  • Pen Pal System
  • Holiday Cards
  • Malawi Question Box
  • Sending letters explaining what our holiday is like for us (they do celebrate Christmas) and they tell us about their holiday festivties

What We Need to Collect

  • Shipping School Supplies from last year
  • First Aid kits
  • Nutrition items (Vitamins)
  • Personal Hygiene

Under Personal Hygiene

  • Tooth Brushes
  • Tooth paste
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Diapers
  • Baby Food
  • Feminine Products
  • Deoderant
  • Socks
  • Shoes


  • Dance
  • Car Wash
  • Pennies for Peace
  • Bake Sale

Alrght next week we will start writing letters about celebrating holidays.

Ian Crittenden, President

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Future Meeting

I would like to plan a meeting for the whole council on monday. I know some people won't be able to attend, but I need to get a good idea of who is really in this council. I will send an e-mail to everyone I have on my e-mail list that is in the council. Thank you for your time.

Ian Crittenden
MPP President

Monday, October 12, 2009

Meetings and Members

Just a Reminder to everyone,

We really need to set a date sometime soon that everyone can get to, to meet after school and talk about this year. We keep saying we'll have meetings but people always cancel. We need to figure out a day that all of us can usually get to and have regular meetings that day. (If we have a meeting, tell us during math, we all have it together.)
Before we get any farther into the school year, we really need to figure out what we're going to do about members. I've had a lot of kids from last year come up and ask when the council meetings are. We have to decide if we're going to have any kids from 8th grade or if it'll just be new 7th graders that we split into groups. I think it'd be easiest to just take one or two kids from last year to help us manage the 7th graders that join, and to help fundraise and spread the word.
On the subject of the 7th graders: We really need to work out either a speech type thing or a short presentation on Malawi and what we're trying to do. Then depending on how many kids respond, we could split them into our individual groups as discussed.
I know Danny and Aaron can only take a maximum of five kids due to their subject, and me and Dan could probably each take about 10 to 15 kids at the most (15 if we can get help from current 8th graders).
I just wanted to post this so we can get a start on this year without procrastinating too horribly.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Possible Dance?

If everyone recalls we were planning to have a dance soon. I have been talking to advisory team members and they said that they are thinking of planning a fall ball. I was thinking we could arrange a meeting with them-only the board-and discuss the dance and maybe we could make some fundraiser money from it. I am confident this plan will work and if we don't help plan the dance then we might run into class night, if the dance is later in the year. I think we should do this ASAP!

Dan Arthur

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meeting with Isa

Isa would like to meet with the Malawi Council. Please stop by for more details.

Mr. Meehan

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome to the New Year

Hello everyone, and welcome to another great year of the Malawi Pangea Project. We the council members have many ideas of how to raise a lot of money this year and also communicate with the kids over in Malawi more than once. This year lets try not to, "Bite off more than we can chew like last year," said co-webmaster Danny Barbati. We just raffled off 3 Jon Lester baseballs at open house and raised over $100! We are starting the year off a little early this year. I find that we are already more productive this year. Since we have an entire year this year rather 3 months we have more time to do fundraisers. We will try and get 7th graders into the program this year, but we will have to limit the amount of people who join. Ian Crittenden, President, says we should do this on a first come, first served system. The board of the council discussed our goals of the year. We will try to get the dance we were discussing at the end of the year in this year. We will try to get corporate sponsors to supply notebooks and things for the educational drive. Our fundraising/financial goal is to raise over $1000. I believe that if we do not "bite off more than we can chew" we can succeed in reaching this goal, we will just have to take the process at a calm, comfortable pace. If you have any ideas on fundraising please address me or any of the board members, or just post your idea on the blog. Aaron will be trying to set up a website for the Council. The t-shirts will also be designed this year so any ideas give them to Any of the board members or Mr. Meehan. We will try to get back into the weekly meeting routine. Danny Barbati mentioned that this year we should even out the groups and also during the meetings split into those groups. I hope this year will be a great year for the Malawi Pangea Project.

Dan Arthur
CFO and Treasurer

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Malawi HIV/AIDS orphans and US students connect

The aim of the Pangaea project was to make a difference in the lives of the students in the US and the orphans of HIV/AIDS crisis in Malawi.

A Furnace Brook Middle School student wrote:
"I have really sat back and looked at how lucky I am at what I have, compared to
those orphans. Isa has really changed me and I hope he does so to others."

A Malawi orphan wrote:
I am Eglita, 6 years old. I will think about you every day of my life.”

"For me to hear these words from the students has made the Pangaea Project a success"
Isa Ebowe, President

We wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all who worked hard to make the Pangaea Project come to fruition, especially the following groups and individuals:

The orphans of HIV/Aids crisis in Malawi for giving us access into their lives and sharing their individual experiences with us.

Furnace Brook Middle School students especially the Malawi council members and leadership.

Mr. Alfred Makein
(Furnace Brook Middle School Principal)

Mr Matt Meehan
(Science teacher and FBMS Pangaea Project Coordinator)

Furnace Brook Middle School PTO

John Warner
Director of Public Affairs
US Embassy, Lilongwe

Rev Fr Vincent Makwakwa
St Patrick Catholic Church, Lilongwe

Rev Fr Nyirenda
(Jesuit – Lilongwe)

Rev Fr Ehi Omorangbon
(Jesuit – East Asia)

Malawi Local volunteers:
Rommy Makwakwa
(President Canterio International, Malawi Chapter)

Richard, Yupik and Joseph
(Field work and camera men)

Members of the Malawi Press Corps

All who contributed financially to Canterio International

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Malawi Song

in local dialect Chichewa

Mayo Mayo chiwana - chiwana chan ga.

Mayo Mayo chiwana - chiwana chan ga.

Mayo Cha lo we le la

In English

Ooh my child

Ooh my child

Ooh my child has gone away

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baseball Raffle

By Ian Crittenden

Today, the board of the Malawi Pangea Project Council sold raffle tickets at the lunches for a Jon Lester signed baseball. We made forty dollars. Tomorrow, we will be sell raffle tickets in the main lobby. One ticket for $1 or 6 tickets for $5. Don't miss out on a authentic piece of Red Sox history!

Making Malawi Soccer Balls

Students @ FBMS made Malawi soccer balls out of old tees, blankets, string and plastic bags. Students then played with there creations in the soccer field.

"These things are awesome!"

"Look @ mine. Look how far I can kick it!"

Mr. Meehan and Mr. Pelish

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hi, im Madison. Im 13 years old, and i go to FBMS. I love to play basketball. This is the gym that i practice in 2 times a week, with my team. Then,i have tournaments on the weekends which have been in different states before. This gym is about 15 minutes away from my house by car, so its a quick and easy commute unlike some of the others gyms i have played in before. Have you ever played basketball?
Hi my name is Michael. You guys are awsome singers. Have any of you ever seen the ocean? I live near the beach. I like to swim, fish, skii, play baseball, and play basketball. The directions on how to make a soccer ball were awsome and making our own soccer balls was very fun. My soccer ball has almost fallen apart.

Hi! My name is Danny, and, like these other people, I am a 7th grader!

In my spare time I like using the computer, talking to friends, and playing games like baseball.

I also like music. What kind of music do you in Malawi like? What instruments do you have?
I play the French Horn!
Hi my name is Connor and i am 13. I like to play sports like hockey and baseball. My favorite sport is hockey I play goalie. I also like to fish which is really fun we don't keep them but I just like the thrill of the catch.

Hi, My names Emma, 5 days out of every week i at a pool. This is just one of the many pools I've swam at.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Poem to Malawi

Mr. Meehan asked me to post this a while ago and I finally can now that my email is working. This is the poem that Laura read during the webcast (I'm pretty stage fright, I'm not good at reading my work out loud.).

To Malawi
By Meghan Kenneally

To finally meet, to see you all
Is a joy in itself.
To be able to see
The faces behind what we’ve been hearing
Is just as amazing
As the stories we’ve heard.
We want to know you,
To learn about you as yourselves
And not just as a whole.
To have us learn how to
Connect with you now,
Means that we can inch
One step closer.
To uniting our towns.
As far as they are.
Because to bond our people
And our nations
Is to start a movement of
And you must remember
This is only step one,
The beginning of what we
Can achieve with a little bit of help,
A pinch of luck,
And a dash of hope.
Hello this is Mark and Justin 7th graders from Marshfield. In Marshfield we use cars that run on gasoline for transportation. In my spare time I like to play a lot of sports. Some of the sports I play are lacrosse, baseball, football and hockey. I like to play lacrosse the best. Lacrosse is almost like soccer but instead of using your feet to move the ball from player to player you have to use a stick. Aaron showed a picture of people playing lacrosse down below. Well Good Bye for now!

From Mark and Justin


My name is Meghan and I am 13 years old. I love all the posts everyone has made, it's really let me look at how people live outside of Marshfield. I love to read and write, it's my passion. For sports I play softball and I fence. My best friends are my only friends and they really are amazing.
The picture on the left is of my cat, Gidget. She was recently declawed and is really sweet. She doesn't like people too much and usually runs away from people she doesn't know well.

Hi from Me to you

By Ian Crittenden

Hi it is Ian Crittenden, the president of the Malawi Pangea Project. I wanted to say a few things I do for fun. Some of the sports I play are baseball, wrestling, and tennis. In baseball, you have to hit a ball the size of a orange with a bat which is a lot like small tree branch and get on a base. there four bases. Someone has to pitch the ball to you and he/she has fielders behind him/her and a catcher behind home plate. It is a very fun sport. Do you play any other sports then netball (soccer)?


Hey my name is Garrett and I live in marshfield. I am 13 and I am turning 14 in August. I live near the beach and i am sure that some of you guys live near Lake Malawi. I think you guys are lucky you have a lake even though the ocean is good for fishing and swimming. In the summer I like to go to the beach with my friends, go camping with my family, and going fishing with my dad. I play many sports but i am starting to narrow it down to 2 since I can't play them all in high school. Right now i am playing soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and golf. I bet alot of kids in Malawi play soccer. I do to! I have been playing soccer since I was 4. I have made friends I made in soccer I thought I met in 5th Grade! I'll see you next time I blog and I'll read all of yours.


Hi, my name is Aaron, I am 13 years old. You might have heard of me before because I am one of the Officers of this Malawi Pangea Project. I have played many sports in my life including soccer baseball basketball tennis golf football and Lacrosse with a picture shown on the left. I bet if anyone of you had the chance to play one of these sports you would be mighty fine at it. All of these sports test endurance and stamina as well as skill.


Hi! My name is Tory. I am 13 years old. During the summer I like to play outside with my friends, read, watch television, and go to the beach. Here is a picture of one of the beaches I like to go to.See full size image


Hi. My name is Jake. I'm 13 years old and go to Furnace Brook Middle School. We only have 5 more days until school is over and summer begins. One of my favorite sports is probably one of yours, soccer. I've been playing soccer since I was 5 and I'm still playing it. I also play other sports as well. Until next time I blog, bye!!!

- Jake Denton


Hi! My name is Alicia, I'm twelve years old. In my spare time I love to read and write. Here's a picture of one of my favorite books, "Eclipse" by Stephenie Meyer.



Hi my name is Haleigh and I live here in the United States! Here at home it snows a lot, you can probably see that though! I thought it would be cool for you to see what the weather is like here in the winter. Also as you can see the road is paved. Most roads in the United States are paved. In the winter the roads have to be shoveled (plowed) so that all the cars can get through. It gets very dangerous though because the roads get icy, slippery, so we put salt down. Now it's summer and there is no more snow, everything has turned green, we are always outside because of the heat! (yay!) I wonder what it is like in Malawi.
hope to here from you,


I really glad that we helped a lot of you out... my name is maddie and i'm in 7th grade. Seeing you guys shared so many pictures, here's a picture of my dog Darby. Everyday, i play with her for at least a half an hour. She's pretty friendly....


Roads in America

Here in America, every main road is paved. They are mostly 2 lanes (like the ones in Malawi), but highways can range from 2 to 4, and sometimes even 5 lanesin the big cities! We also have roataries (3rd one down) to direct trafficfrom a busy intersection, like just off a highway. Many roads in America are busy because many people have, and costantly use, cars. Some roads are paved with gravel (top), and a couple aren't paved at all(2nd one from bottom), but these are often unused or very quiet streets.


I think it is cool how you guys make soccer balls. Mine was not that great. It fell apart after two kicks. It is awesome how you guys can make them last so long.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Letters to FBMS Students from orphans of Malawi

My name is Robarf. I live in Mkonkha village. I am in grade 2. I want to thank you for giving me a school uniform, books and color pencil. I love America.

I am Olipa. I am 10 years old. I live in Malimbe village.
I want to exchange ideas with American students. Thank you.

My name is Esinati. I am 7 years old and I live in Mpanje village.
Thank you for my pen.

My name is Lizzel. I am 12 year old. I live in Mpanje village.
Thank you for your gifts to us.

My name is Tlira, I am 10 years old.
Thank you for giving me a uniform and a pen.

I am Eglita, 6 years old.
I will think about you every day of my life.

My name is Boston. I am female from Mphanje village. Thank you for sending me books. I want to be a teacher when I grow up.

I am Mwere, 12 years of old from Mphanje village.
I love America. Please come visit us in Malawi. Thank you.

My name is Judith. I am 11 years. Thank you for the beautiful gifts and my uniform. When I grow up I will like to be a teacher so I can educate children like me in English.

Thank you FBMS

Meeting FMBS students via Web Cast

Traveling to Lilongwe for video conference with FBMS students.

The orphans at US Embassy Public Affair Unit Lilongwe city.

Introducing the orphans to computers,
the Internet and how to surf the web at the
US Embassy Public Library.

Malawi orphans meet FBMS students through
web conference at Lilongwe hotel.

Group picture at US embassy.

These kids had the following experiences for the first time:
  1. Visited their capital city Lilongwe.
  2. Saw big buildings.
  3. Saw and went inside a library.
  4. Saw a PC.
  5. Saw cable TV.
  6. Most importantly, saw and spoke to American students.
Eight year old orphan Ayinda said:
"This is a transformational experience for me."

Malawi Roads

Malawi has one main two-lane highway however most of the roads are unpaved.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hi all!

Ian mentioned how the Malawian children sang us an awesome song, so here's the video of it! It is also on YouTube!

-Danny Barbati, Webmaster

The Article in the Patriot Ledger

By Ian Crittenden

Today there's an article in the Patriot Ledger explaining the scene yesterday as the Furnace Brook Middle School Malawi Pangea Council finally had a WebCast with Isa Ebowe, Mr. Cyrus Jeke, and best of all, the children of Malawi.

Before the Webcast yesterday, Mr. Meehan, Laura, Aaron, Danny, Meghan, Dan, and I had a telephone confenrence with the orphans. I have to say getting up extra early to arrive at school at 7:20 am was more then worth it. The orphans and the officers asked questions, and we and the children of Malawi answered. Near the end they sang us a song called "May-o May-o." All the officers loved the song.

Now that we've seen them, heard them, it's great to put a face to some of the people we're helping. And in a way it's helping us here in America to feel more a part of the world. Thank you, fellow Malawi students.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Isa's Presentation from May 22

Hello all!
I know this may be a little (who am I kidding, 20 days!) late, but technical difficulties have been resolved (thanks to Lukas's stroke of genius!), and now some of the presentation is on YouTube! I have edited some of it out (like Mr. Meehans warning about goofing off), and some stuff Lukas didn't catch due to his camera battery dying. So it's good! Check out the YouTube page when you get a chance, and see you all soon!

-Danny Barbati, WebMaster

P.S.- You can expect to see some of the events that occured today on both the Blog and Youtube within the week! I also apoligize for going a little crazy with the font colors.

FBMS Homework assignment for 6/10

Mr. Meehan and I would like you to read Philip and Paulo's stories. Paulo gave us great step by step instructions on how to make a soccer ball. Be prepared on Friday to construct your own Malawi soccer ball. Old shirts, blankets, plastic bags, twine and any necessary materials should be ready to assemble by Friday. Be prepared also to show Isa and our new friends our soccer skills on Friday. Good Luck!

Malawi home made soccer ball

Here is a close up of the home made soccer (net ball). We will be making one in social studies and science classes on Friday. Look closely at the string, plastic and cloth. Bring these items in for Friday, June 12.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

FBMS - Please do not post yet!

Although Isa and the orphans posts are incredible, please do not post any comments or blogs yet. We will work on them tomorrow in school, then post.   

Walking in Asnet's shoes - Class work


It is not unusual for Asnet to share her pen with her entire class because no one else owns a pen. She has to take notes and so do the rest of the students while at the same time trying to pay attention to the teacher's lecture.
In order for you to understand Asnet's challenges, I would like you to put yourself in her shoes by doing the following:
"The US class should share a single pen in an entire lesson period. Wait your turn for the pen and at the same time, try to pay attention to your teacher's instructions, take notes and ask questions."

Blog your experience in the class.

Orphans watching FBMS "Day in the life video"

The kids where ecstatic when they saw FBMS "the day in a life video." They could not understand how American children got so lucky to be picked up in front of their houses every morning by the school bus.
The question they asked was, "Do the American kids live in the bus?" because the bus was bigger than their houses.
They also wanted to know "Where you can park such a big bus?" and "Do American kids sing on the bus on their way to school?"

Monday, June 8, 2009


My name is Phillip. I am 5 years old. This is my house and inside is my kitchen. I love to play hide and seek with my friends in the wood stacks behind my house. Sometimes, I like to play alone in the garden. I made this soccer ball to play with my friends. I hope children in America enjoy fun time playing as much as we do in Impanje Village.